When we say “I DO” we are making a commitment to cherish the person standing before us. What if that person was you?

Say I DO to you!



your trust in yourself by listening closely. No longer ignoring or dismissing your inner voice that knows.


how being curious awakens you. How it shines the light on long held beliefs that may or may not be in your best interest.


old patterns that leave you feeling inadequate,

resentful or just plain tired.


self-compassion that opens you to the wisdom

of your heart and your body. 


Say I DO To You Journal Cards


Say I Do to You Journal Cards™ provide a pathway into self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-love, allowing all of your complications, contradictions and clarity to exist as valuable facets of who you truly are. There are no right or wrong ways to be, only the opportunity to accept and love all of you!  


Each card offers a unique question, or experimental behavior, inviting you to CHOOSE YOU, to claim WHO you are by noticing HOW you are. Offering your time, your attention, and your heart, to yourself is incredibly powerful. When you Say I DO to You, you cherish yourself, just as you are!



Say I Do to You Gatherings ignite your curiosity, challenge your long-held habits and inspire self-love and commitment!


Gatherings are designed for either a small group of friends in your home or a lecture style event to many. 


When a group of women get curious, you never know what interesting conversation will ensue. 

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Got something else in mind? Let me design a gathering to fit your groups interest. 



What is
Say I DO to YOU?

Saying I Do to You is a practice of noticing you, taking time to be curious
about what makes you, YOU. It is compassionately understanding you.
Being genuinely interested in you. Imagine getting to know yourself in the
same way you get to know a love interest. This is Saying I Do to You.


When we practice Saying I Do we are focused on who and how we
are…what works in our loves and what doesn’t. As we notice this we have
the power to make choices as what to keep and what to let go. This is a
non-judgmental exploration, accepting our unloved parts as well as our
loved parts is the soul of Saying I Do to yourself.


Saying I Do to You is NOT a method of self-improvement because you are
already good enough! Trust me on this. You are!


Another thing Saying I Do to You is NOT is it is not being selfish! We are so
afraid that if we love ourselves first, we won’t love others enough. Actually
that couldn’t be further from what happens. 


When you Say I Do to You, you begin to notice you in a new way.
Practicing acceptance in who you meet builds trust in yourself. And
ultimately, when we trust ourselves with ourselves, we are home.

Saying “I DO” to you will change your life.


women share their wisdom

..self love and commitment has been framed before as selfish, prideful or even a waste of time...Why not love me, wouldn’t God want me to love me

It blew my mind that I may not be enough but that is okay

...giving myself permission to be flawed feels liberating.

...this workshop opened my intuitive doors and allowed me to make some difficult but necessary changes in my life….all of which I am still grateful for. I have taken a lot of workshops, but this one affected me like no other. Thanks, Patricia.

When we say “I DO” we are making a choice, a commitment to cherish the person standing before us.


What if that person was you?