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  Saying I Do to You is a practice of self commitment 

 Notice yourself with compassion

Accept yourself unconditionally

Trust yourself completely

Because when we do, we are home!

Learn to love the tired, hurt parts of you as much as you love the bright, shiny parts.

My 'I Do' Story:


This video, recorded on an iPhone, is the first time I told my story.  I chose to leave the video as-is, to honor the power of speaking, as well as, acknowledge the women who listened and later shared. forgive the quality and enjoy the message. I would love to hear how my story moves you!


When you say “I Do” you focus on who, and how, you are in your life…what works and what doesn’t. This is a non-judgmental exploration. Self compassion is the ability to love all of us, warts and all. 


 Saying “ I Do” is NOT selfish! We are often concerned that if we love ourselves first, we won’t love others enough. Actually that couldn’t be further from the truth. Research tells us that we have enough love to go around; that self-compassionate increases compassion to others. 



women share their wisdom

workshop participant

..self love and commitment has been framed before as selfish, prideful or even a waste of time...Why not love me, wouldn’t God want me to love me

workshop participants

It blew my mind that I may not be enough but that is okay myself permission to be flawed feels liberating.


personal trainer and professional

singer / songwriter

...this workshop opened my intuitive doors and allowed me to make some difficult but necessary changes in my life….all of which I am still grateful for. I have taken a lot of workshops, but this one affected me like no other. Thanks, Patricia.

When we say “I DO” we are making a choice, a commitment to cherish the person standing before us.


What if that person was you?

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