Meet Patricia

Looking back, I can say with complete certainty that I was born a therapist. It was also my role in the family - so I got a lot of early training. When I was in my Master’s program at West Virginia University, my Counseling Theories professor asked me how I had gotten so good at doing therapy? 


I explained what it meant to be the Hero child in an alcoholic family. He listened as only another therapist can do, and then asked me to co-author a chapter in a book, took me on speaking engagements with him- teaching me the art of public speaking, and became my friend. 


His belief in me eased my chronic “imposters syndrome.” He helped me understand that I could have 100 degrees on the wall, but I would have to trust what I knew and who I was, if I was ever going to be at home in my skin.


Almost 4 decades later, lots of my own therapy, a successful private therapy practice that has included many creative workshops and groups designed to inspire women to trust themselves, and living what I teach, I am content with me, most days.


I love what I do. This work is not only my profession. It is my life.