Asking for help is hard for us.

We do it all.   

Be it all.

Handle it all.

And then we collapse. Get resentful. Or think we didn’t do enough and start all over again.


Stop feeling exhausted, pissed, stuck, overwhelmed. 


Learn to:

Accept your limits

Follow your heart

Trust your inadequacies

Love your mistakes


As your coach, I listen to you...believe you...and trust know what is working and what is not. Together we explore behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that undermine your full living and self expression.


        3 common enemies of women

  1. Self judgement or fear of others judgement

  2. Inability to say No or always saying Yes

  3. Perfectionism  Perfectionism  Perfectionism


With compassionate curiosity we notice, challenge and change these patterns.

When we work together you will:

Learn  'Interest Based Living' skills

Do experiential exercises to heighten awareness

 Practice “homework” specific to you to keep focused


Move slower    Smile more    Trust you    Love your life    


 When we treat ourselves with interest we learn more, see more, trust more. 

Invest in you!

The I’m Committed Package includes


1 ¼  hour Online Meeting using Zoom


Prior to our scheduled meeting I will send you a questionnaire that helps me to know you better... this way we can get started right away.


You will practice Interest Based Living-how to be always curious rather than critical.


At the end of our call I will suggest “homework” specific to enhancing your journey to self love.


A  follow up email to check in. I want to hear how you are! 


All of this for 



The I’m Really Really Committed Package includes


3  - 1 ¼ hour Online Meetings using Zoom


All that comes with the I’m Interested Package




 2 check in emails between meetings 


Exclusive invitation to client only events

Additional Zoom meetings for reduced price $165


*10% off Inner Circle Membership*


All this for



*** a $30 savings ***


Let's spend some time together!