The Inner Circle

A unique opportunity to join a group of like minded women



Receptivity   Body Awareness    Boundaries    Choice    Courage    Fear    Love Commitment     Voice     Humor    Creativity    Spirituality 


"As long as you are trying to be something other than what you actually are, your mind wears itself out. But if you say, 'This is what I am, it is a fact that I am going to investigate and understand,' then you can go beyond."



What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself?

When you devote yourself to you,


  • You deepen your understanding and acceptance of you and your world.

  • You learn to use your curiosity rather than your judgement to notice you. 

  • You notice you in your everyday life. Where and how you enliven you? Where and how you undermine you?

  • You practice recognizing patterns as they appear. Without judgement, denial or resentment. 

  • You love yourself, hopefully enough to marry yourself!


Self-discovery from the place of curiosity strengthens self-acceptance. 


Explore these qualities essential to your full living!


Receptivity    Body Awareness    Boundaries    Choice   Courage    Fear    Love    Commitment    Voice    Humor    Creativity    Spirituality 


 Feel alive!  

As a member of the Say I Do to You Inner Circle, you join a community of supportive women who are determined to never forget themselves-ever again! 

It’s YOU school!

A year of guided self reflection

To know yourself deeply

And  love yourself completely

Meet once a month online/in person with fellow Inner Circle women


The more love we have for ourselves, the more love we have for others and the world!


The world needs your love!


What you can expect:

  • To examine how women undermine their self-love.

  • To understand our subconscious, habituated patterns.

  • To explore with curiosity rather than judgement how each of these impact you on a daily basis.

  • To make thoughtful choices and change from a place of awareness and acceptance.

  • To have ongoing practices to enhance and enliven self compassion.

  • To join a community of like hearted women where YOU can be YOU.

Julie, Adult Student

The authenticity group provided an environment that was dedicated to learning about oneself. I was encouraged to become curious about my own emotional reactivity and to challenge the beliefs that have led me such reactions. I uncovered insights about myself that have allowed me to fill my days with more grace and awareness. The dynamic within the group was very warm, accepting and supportive; I really looked forward to our meetings each week! I would recommend this workshop to someone who is interested in creating a more open and accepting attitude towards oneself and others.

Workshop Participant

“Sharing experiences with other women helps all of us not feel alone and creates a sense of community.”

Trudy, personal trainer and professional singer / songwriter

...this workshop opened my intuitive doors and allowed me to make some difficult but necessary changes in my life….all of which I am still grateful for. I have taken alot of workshops, but this one affected me like no other. Thanks, Patricia.

Each month we focus on an issue necessary for self awareness and mandatory

for self trust.


You can’t know what you don’t know. And what we don’t know about ourselves keeps us stuck in a revolving door of the same old, same old. THIS IS THE TIME, and THE WAY, to break chronic patterns that keep you giving and getting the same old thing. 

Get to know you!


The Inner Circle is not self help - it is self awareness.

The Inner Circle is not going to fix you - because you are not broken.

The Inner Circle is not selfish - it is putting your oxygen mask on before you assist others in your row. Once your oxygen is flowing, you have it to share!!

Choice begins with awareness. Change begins with choice.


This is an invitation to notice your habituated patterns of being in the world. When you make your patterns known, you create the opportunity to shift them; to keep what works,

and understand what doesn’t. 


We will always have thoughts, feelings, behaviors that don’t serve us, make us feel inadequate, angry or sad. Expecting them to go away forever is a recipe for chronic dissatisfaction, with ourselves and others. 


Inner Circle teaches you to practice recognizing these patterns when they appear.

Without judgement, denial or resentment. To love yourself through, with, and in spite of them!



Remember the childhood book

There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon? by Jack Kent

Billy, the little boy in the story,  finds a tiny dragon in his bedroom. He runs to tell his mom and she says, “There’s no such thing as a dragon!” This only makes the dragon get bigger. Each time his mom says, “ There’s no such thing as a dragon,” the dragon grows, and grows, and grows, until he’s bigger than Billy’s house. Only when mom accepts that there is a dragon in her house does the dragon return to a manageable size.

Let’s notice, and love, all of us.

The good. The bad. And the ugly!

what are the themes we will be noticing?


Here they are...  The 12 most relevant themes you need to know and understand about yourself.

Receptivity   Body Awareness    Boundaries    Choice    Courage    Fear    Love    Commitment     Voice     Humor    Creativity    Spirituality 

A sneak peek of your months ahead: 

Month #1 we will dive into the topic of our style of RECEPTIVITY.


Are you too porous? 

Do you take everything and everyone to heart? 


Do you resist being impacted by your environment or others?

Do you defend against taking others in? 


Notice your style of RECEPTIVITY. What works and what doesn’t .


Month #2 is all about our BODY! This hot topic is the number 1 source of inadequacy in women. Let’s challenge that. Let’s change that! We will begin by asking...

Do you trust your body?

Do you look to her for information? Guidance? 


Do you ignore you body, trusting your mind to show you the way? 


Pay attention to your relationship to your BODY. Does your style of receptivity affect your body?



Month #3 we get curious about our BOUNDARIES .


Are you clear with others about what you can and can’t do? 

Are you comfortable with what you won’t do? 


Do you say yes when you mean no? 

Are you the last person you consider? 

Are you uncomfortable with your limits? 

Do you want to be all things to all people? 

BOUNDARIES shape our day and our lives, and are impacted by our receptivity and our body awareness. Do your boundaries support or exhaust you?

Month #4 Choice changes everything...let’s get to know how it changes us.

How do you decide? 

Big decisions? 

Not so big ones? 

Everything is a choice. This is the good news and the bad news! 

Noticing how we choose and when we don’t - which by the way is still making a choice - is vital for our self acceptance. It supports self trust. Knowing and acting on your CHOICE becomes clearer as a result of the prior 3 month self discovery. 


...a look ahead to Month #7  LOVE

Love is all that matters. Yet if we are honest, most of us have a fear of intimacy. We fear being hurt by another. We are afraid of being selfish if we love ourselves. We are confused in relationships. We struggle with mixed messages within ourselves and others.


Face it. Love is a complex emotion and experience. No one is alone in this struggle. We need each other and we avoid each other.


So let’s recognize how our fear of loving, and being loved, inhibits our ability to love ourselves and others. This exploration is vital for courageous living.


Some questions for you for you to consider...


What does love mean to you? 


How do you express it? When? Why?


How do you withhold it? When? Why? 


What conditions do you have with your love?


What did you learn about love in your family? 


When you tell someone you love them, how do you say it? 

Luv ya

Love you

I love you


Do you love you?

On the 3rd Thursday of each month we gather online, or in person, to talk to about these questions and much, much, more. I will provide the framework to help understand our confusion and fear of intimacy . provide thoughtful discussion and experiential exercise that will enable you to: 

Explore your relationship with the concept of love

Understand how your history with love impacts your loving

Your Inner Circle Membership includes 


Monthly on-line, or in-person, gatherings with me and a community of like-hearted women! 


1 FREE coaching session with me - with a 6 month membership!

2 FREE coaching sessions with me – with a year membership!


Exclusive membership to a closed Inner Circle Facebook group!


Weekly “homework” to stay focused and deepen awareness!




When you commit to the year long journey get an additional FREE month 

This month to write your vows and plan your marriage ceremony to yourself!


As a member of the Say I Do to You Inner Circle, you join a community of supportive women who are determined to not forget themselves-ever again! 


Your Investment 


Your 6 month membership - $750

*with an option to join for another 6 months for only $700

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Your 12 month membership - $1375  

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