Say I DO to You Journal Cards

When you say “I Do,” you promise to love, honor, and cherish the person standing before you. What if that person were you? And, actually, why shouldn’t it be?


Say I Do to You Journal Cards™ provide a pathway into self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-love, allowing all of your complications, contradictions and clarity to exist as valuable facets of who you truly are. There are no right or wrong ways to be, only the opportunity to accept and love all of you!  


Each card offers a unique question, or experimental behavior, inviting you to CHOOSE YOU, to claim WHO you are by noticing HOW you are. Offering your time, your attention, and your heart, to yourself is incredibility powerful. When you Say I DO to You, you cherish yourself, just as you are!


When women are supported to speak their truth, magic happens and the world changes©. When we support ourselves and know our truth, magic happens and we change.



More to know…


For 6 Sundays, beginning February 14th, 2021, I will send a Journal Card directly to your inbox.


The most effective way to use your Journal Cards is to print them, putting each week’s card in a place where you will see it several times a day. Tape it to your bathroom mirror. The dashboard of your car. Put it on your refrigerator. Or download it to your phone – make it a screen saver. Set an alarm to look at it every few hours. The idea is to see it everywhere. This visual repetition is crucial to building new neural pathways of kind curiosity.


Throughout your day pay attention to Ah-Ha moments!  New information! Fresh awareness! Anything that tells you more about Who You Are!  Write these on the back of the printed card, on your phone or in your journal.  


Putting pen to paper engages your brain to slow down, connecting both your right and left hemispheres. This supports creativity, encourages critical thinking and strengthens your brain's attachment to new information by anchoring it within your nervous system. You are creating a shift from old patterns of thinking/believing to current self-truths of kindness and compassion.


When you sign up you will also receive videos that deepen the message of each card and offer tons of support and encouragement.


You can also join the Say I Do to You Facebook page for ongoing inspiration.


May all the love you have to give, be given fully and freely, to you!


From my full heart to yours,



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  • Your daily practice will begin with Valentine's Day of course…it is the perfect time to show yourself some love!


  • New Series begins Sunday, February 14th, 2021, I will send out your first Journal Card. Each Sunday after that, for 6 weeks, you will receive your new Journal Card.


  • The cost for the first 6 weeks is just $25 – flat, no tax, no shipping, not the suggested marketing devise of taking a penny off so our brain thinks it’s cheaper. Just $25


  • If, during these very hard times, you are unable to pay the tuition for this program, please email me. I do not want hardship to make this unavailable to any woman.


*If you do not receive a confirmation email from Say I DO To You within 24 hours: Please email me!

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