Say I DO to You Journal Cards

When you say “I Do,” you promise to love, honor, and cherish the person standing before you. What if that person were you?

And, actually, why shouldn’t it be?


Say I Do to You Journal Cards provide a pathway into self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-love, allowing all of your complications, contradictions, and clarity to exist as valuable facets of who you truly are. There are no right or wrong ways to be, only the opportunity to accept and love all of you!  


Each card offers a unique question, or experimental behavior, inviting you to CHOOSE YOU, to claim WHO you are by noticing HOW you are. Offering your time, your attention, and your heart, to yourself is incredibly powerful. When you Say I DO to You, you cherish yourself, just as you are!


When women are supported to speak their truth, magic happens, and the world changes©. When we support ourselves and know our truth, magic happens and we change.

Good to Know

  • 41 Card Deck with 3 Blanks

  • Back of Cards are writable for journaling

  • Dimensions: 3" x 4"

  • Printed on floral card stock

  • Make a journal by binding together the cards through the hole in the top left corner

  • Comes in an organza bag 

  • Made in the USA

  • Free shipping 


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Weekly Videos
Each card is accompanied by a video that speaks directly to the intention of
the card, deepening its meaning, and enlivening the experiment. In each
video, I offer insights from my own journey. I find that sharing our stories
can invite fresh ideas and more possibilities.

IOS Digital Cards

Each card is available to download to your computer and/or phone,
allowing you to create a Journal Card Screen Saver or Home Page. This is
an effective way to increase the visual repetition your brain and body need
to integrate choice-full awareness. The more you are reminded of the focus of the card, the more you make Kind Curiosity a habit.

Invitations to Online Events
I believe when women are supported to speak from their hearts, magic
happens and the world changes. Because of this deeply held belief, you will
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gain clarity.


Say I Do to YOU Journal Card Deck

I like to say that I came by these cards honestly. What I mean is; when we go through difficult life events we have the opportunity to know ourselves differently. At the end of my 23-year marriage, I realized just such an opportunity awaited me. I also knew I would need courage, and support, to truly meet “who I was” while getting to know “who I wished to be.” “But how?” I wondered. Besides continuing with my therapist, who had mentored me through most of my marriage, I asked myself, “What is the best way to get to know someone, when that someone is me?” About the same time, I began to be asked by well-meaning acquaintances, my friends knew better, when was I going to begin dating? Mostly I answered, “Why would I do that?”

But ‘round about the 20th time I was asked, bells went off in my head, but they rang most clearly in my heart. Something in me woke up.


What if I dated myself?

What would that look like? Be like? Did I want to go to dinner? The movies? What would I talk to myself about? To answer these questions, I began to imagine myself on a first, second, or third date with someone else. How would I get to know them? My answer was clear. I would ask them questions, and most importantly, I would listen to their answers. I would notice what they did and didn’t do, said and didn’t say. I would pay attention to them.

Could I be this interested in myself?

If I asked myself questions would I listen to my answers? Could I notice what I did and didn’t do, felt and didn’t feel, said and didn’t say? My answer was a full YES. Or at least I would
give it a really good try!


I first noticed I didn’t really want to go to the movies or dinner. What became clear to me was what I wanted most was quality time with me. Time to hear myself, see myself, and understand myself. I also wanted to understand my part of what didn’t work in the marriage.


Taking this time with myself, paying attention in this way, showed me parts of myself that were difficult to love. I met my critical voice, the one that judges me and everyone else. This voice can be subtle or obvious. As I learned to accept this part of me, not too far behind her, was my kind, loving, interested voice, the part that accepted all of me. Even my not-so-nice, critical parts.


I found my way to being Kindly Curiosity with all parts of me.

Kind Curiosity is a phrase you will find throughout your Journal Card set. Kind Curiosity allowed me to meet every event, experience, awareness with curiosity that originated in kindness rather than criticism. This made all the difference in me coming to know and like myself as I dated myself for over 6 months.


Eventually, I was clear that I was interested enough in myself, committed enough to up the ante. I had met the me I loved enough to marry. So I proposed.

I found a ring, wrote vows, and under a full moon, married myself.


I still practice with the experiments on the Journal Cards. There is always more to learn and notice about ourselves. So wherever you are in your life, your first date with yourself or in a long-term self-love affair, these cards will continue to support your journey into your self-compassion and strengthen your Kind Curiosity.