Be the "I" of your life

This week, try an experiment. Begin your sentences with "I." Often, without even noticing, we say "it" instead of "I" or refer to ourselves as "you" instead of "I" when sharing a story of our lives with others.

How we speak can be hard to notice, our word choice is often so habitual that we just don't pay much attention. So you may begin by noticing it in others, watching TV, listening on Zoom calls.

Yesterday I did a Facebook Live video on the Say I Do to You Page. When I rewatched it, I noticed I began the video by saying, "it is intimidating to do a live video." What is more accurate is "I feel intimidated doing a live video." When I pay attention to saying "I feel," rather than "it is," I feel more of me in my words, more in touch with myself and my truth.

Another place to notice your use of "I" is when you tell someone you love them. We can say, "Love you" or "I love you." Try this on. What do you notice when you use the "I" or drop it?

For me they are very different. When I say "Love you" I feel more casual, less committed and safer. When I say "I love you," I feel more intimate, vulnerable and purposeful. There isn't a right or wrong way, simply a thoughtful choice.

Noticing 'how we are' with kind curiosity is at the heart of Say I do to You. Meeting ourselves in this way builds understanding, compassion and acceptance. One way to notice is through experimenting. Trying on new behavior to notice habituated places within your self!

If you like this experiment, take a look at the Say I Do to You Journal Cards!! The next series begins Sunday, February 14th. They are full of creative ways to notice yourself and build self acceptance. I hope you will join us!

With Lots of Love!

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