How would your life be different?

Almost a year into the Covid pandemic I think we can say we have spent

A LOT of time with our selves. For me, some days this is the good news, and others not so good.

What I have learned this year, well re-learned because it takes repetition, is that the most valuable gift

I can give to myself is to be in good relationship with myself. This means finding ways to practice self- compassion. A lot! Often! Especially when I am tired, stressed, or hungry.

So the term self-compassion, loving yourself, gets throw around as though it is an easy practice to enact. But it is not so easy. Why? Because of the ways we talk to ourselves and treat ourselves. We would never talk to a friend the way we talk to ourselves, nor would we push them around with beliefs of not being good enough.

Learning to be “with” ourselves means noticing who we are and how we are with kind curiosity. Like we are someone worth getting to know! Allowing for the bits we wish were different and owning the parts that we find acceptable. This is unconditional positive regard or self-compassion.

We don’t have to be perfect to be loved or loveable!

So, how would your life be different if you treated yourself as your very best friend?

With Love to You,

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