Show and Tell. There is a difference.

In my memoir writing class I am learning the value of "telling," as well as, the value of "showing." For most of us in the class, "telling" comes more easily. "Showing" involves slowing down to really let the reader "see" what is going on in the story or in the character. Quite frankly, showing can feel exposing, yet when I do it successfully, I end up understanding more about myself, and my reader relates to my story in a deeper way than when I "told" it. SO interesting!

As I tend to do - connecting the dots within my life, I joined this writing technique to a living technique. I found this to be a valuable reminder for how I live in my day. How I show up for myself and others.

I thought I would share it since it might be something you would like to consider also.

For more please watch the video below!

Lots of Love

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