Something I never thought I would say.

Iam naturally comfortable with big emotions. Mine, as well as, others. Even when I am totally lost, I consider this an important place to explore.

So I often invite myself, and my clients, to experience my/their emotions, burdens, and hurts. “Be with them,” I will often say, “What if you invited them to tea and got to know them?”

Knowing ourselves through exploring how we show up in our lives gives us power. We can no longer be a victim when we understand how our emotional habits serve us, and undo us!

That is why I love this principle, even though sometimes I want to throw it out the window because it’s a lot of work. It takes tremendous courage to see ourselves clearly, to know, and admit, what we are up to in our lives.

Once we know our pattern, what do we do with it?

Love it. Accept it. And then change it.

The ‘change it’ part is interesting. It is a process in which we notice our pattern, then interrupt it, then redirect it.

For more watch below...

Lots of Love to you!


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