The problem I have with affirmations

It takes 7 compliments to undo 1 criticism. Think about that math! Not only the criticism we receive from others, but how about the daily, silent, habitual criticism we receive from ourselves?

Subtle, and not so subtle, messages of “I’m not good enough,” or “I’m not enough,” the ‘good’ not even a possibility. When we pay attention, most of our criticism boils down to not being enough in one way or another.

So a common cure is to begin saying an affirmation. “I am good enough.” “I have everything I need to be a success.” “I am smart and capable.” The affirmation rule is to speak as though it is true rather than language it as a want. Manifestation laws teach that if we say we ‘want’ we manifest ‘want.’

So, if I say the affirmation properly, and enough, 7 times per criticism, when will I be/feel/believe I am enough?

In my own life, and in my work with clients, I find there is a vital step, often overlooked, needed for the affirmation to hold.

Lots of Love to You!


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