This time of year!

The New Year seems to be the time when we reassess our lives and our selves. I ponder all the ways I might be better, different, more organized, appreciative, productive…

So I would buy a new organizer, implement a better exercise program, commit to a more efficient daily schedule, and promise myself I would keep it up. Perfectly!

Instead, for the last couple of years, I have made a new commitment to myself, rather than implement something new, I commitment to simply BE ME.

This is an act of courage! Really! To be who I AM rather than who I tell myself I SHOULD be is humbling and exilarating!! When I stop editing myself, allowing only the acceptable parts of me to live, I have way more energy and life!!

So I wonder, do you feel called to BE YOU as we transition from this year to the next? If your answer is YES, sign up now for 6 weeks of Say I Do to You Journal Cards to keep your focus on HOW you you can meet WHO you are. When we UNDERSTAND how we are, we TRUST who we are.

Say I Do to You Journal Cards offer the opportunity to strengthen your self awareness with kind curosity. Without awareness there can be no choice. And choice changes everything.

Choose YOU this New Year!

The 6 week Card series is $25, no tax, no shipping, just $25! And if you feel because of hardship you are unable to pay this, please email me and let's talk. I do not want cost to prevent any woman this opportunity to Say I Do to You!

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