What you don't notice...

I talk about habits, a lot! I don't have anything against habits, except how they keep me un-aware of myself and my world. Each morning I make my breakfast slush, and lunch salad, with no thought or awareness of what I am doing. I don't check in to ask, "Do I want cabbage in my salad today? Was it the thing that gave me gas yesterday? Do I need some more protein since I have a long day? Do I want a salad today?" It's just what I do, every morning, in 8 minutes flat.

Habits serve to normalize our day, our weeks, our life. We can count on them. They anchor us. They help us recognize ourselves. This is what I do....This is how I do it....It's how we differentiate ourselves from others while claiming ourselves.

But, habits also prevent Kind Curiosity. We can't be curious or kind, about what we don't notice, or see.

If I was paying attention, I could be Kindly Curious as I prepared my days food. I could feel proud for taking the time to care for myself in this way. I could be appreciative that I am able, physically and financially to make healthy meals. I could check in with my body and notice what she is actually hungry for.

I could change my habit of DOING into a habit of NOTICING.

Saying I Do to You is the opportunity to change your habit of NOT NOTICING into a habit of NOTICING! And when you notice you, you are telling yourself that you matter! Now there is a habit to develop! I MATTER TO ME!

Join me in HABIT AWARENESS...notice one habit and see what happens!!

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