this video, recorded on an iphone, is the first time I told my story.  I chose to leave the video as-is, to honor the power of speaking, as well as, acknowledge the women who listened and later shared. forgive the quality and enjoy the message. I would love to hear how my story moves you!

More About Say I DO to You

The Whole Story

When we say “I DO” we are making a choice,

a commitment to cherish the person standing before us.
What if that person was you?
How would your life be different if you loved, honored and cherished yourself?
Saying I Do to You is a practice of noticing you, taking time to be curious
about what makes you, YOU. It is compassionately understanding you.
Being genuinely interested in you. Imagine getting to know yourself in the
same way you get to know a love interest. This is Saying I Do to You.

When we practice Saying I Do we focus on who and how we are…what
works in our lives and what doesn’t. We have the power to make choices to
keep what we like and let go of the rest. This is a non-judgmental
exploration, accepting our unloved parts as gently as our loved parts.
Saying I Do to You is NOT a method of self-improvement (because you are
already good enough! Trust me on this. You are!) It is a practice of self acceptance.
Saying I Do to You is NOT being selfish! We are often concerned that if we
love ourselves first, we won’t love others enough. Actually that couldn’t be
further from the truth. Research tells us that we have enough love to go
around; that self-compassionate increases compassion to others.

When you Say I Do to You, you begin to NOTICE you in a new way.
Practicing ACCEPTance in who you meet builds TRUST in yourself. And
ultimately, when we trust ourselves with ourselves, we are home.
Saying “I DO” to You will change your life.