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Woman’s Way of Knowing

This workshop follows the Russian folktale of Vasalisa, in which a young girl is blessed by her dying mother, threatened by her stepmother, and sent out into the forest to find her intuitive wisdom. This story teaches the lessons of the life, death, rebirth cycle necessary for every woman’s transformation.

Through use of experiential exercises, we engage in the tasks necessary to find, strengthen and trust one’s intuitive voice. This voice has been there from the very beginning. We recognize it and nurture it during this day of story, ritual, and creative expression, which culminates in the creation of an intuitive doll. The making of the doll deepens each woman’s intuitive listening. No prior sewing experience is necessary.

At the end of the day, each woman will have remembered her inner voice in concrete and creative ways she can trust to guide her, like Vasalisa, through the forest.


“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein

Commit to Loving Yourself


Choosing our Selves, over the many demands in our lives, can be daunting, if not impossible at times. Our innate desire to be in relationship and of service, can often leave us exhausted. Sometimes resentful. Committing to our Selves requires deepening our self-awareness and believing in our courageous hearts.


In this workshop we will name and notice the many ways we ignore ourselves. And, most importantly, what we can do to change that.



Because, when women speak from their hearts, magic happens and the world changes.


Let’s change our worlds. Together!

Gems for the Journey


Jewelry, that you create, to inspire your path

A woman’s love is a powerful force. When focused into intention, her love can be felt as a soft container of safety, or as wings on which to fly. 

This workshop focus’s our many life transitions. 


  •  the birth of a child

  •  a significant birthday

  • graduation

  •  marriage

  •  divorce

  • illness - our own or someone else

  •  Death of a loved one

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